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R32 Inverter series

R32 Inverter series

R32 Inverter Series



HSU-__VTH21 / HSU-_VTK21

Product Features:

Smart Clean

Cold expansion technology

Express washing technology

Anti-bacteria technology

Benefit: Blowing cleaner air, higher energy efficiency, saving cleaning cost

PM2.5 filter

To ensure the air inside your home is free of various harmful (e.g. hair, dust mites, polle, fungi spores, bacteria, exhaust fumes and smoke).

Captures both visible  and invisible dust and harmful microscopic substances.

Benefit: Uses electrostatic charges to capture microscopic particles.

Inverter plus

TLFM inverter control

PID inverter control

A-PAM inverter control

Benefit: Energy-saving performance, Cool & comfortable airflow, reliability.

Hyper PCB

FR-4 material


Thicker conformal coating

Compact design

Benefits: more stable & more durable.

Eco mode

By limiting the current energy consumption under Eco mode will be reduced 20%-60% compared with normal mode.

Stay cool and do not have to worry about electricity bills.

Benefits: Active Energy Saving, 3-Level Control.

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