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Product Feature


Independant Vegetable Room

- Keep vegetables moist and fresh in a large, independent vegetable room.


Vitamin Factory

- Vitamin Factory increases vitamin C.


Mitsubishi Electric energy saving

- The large capacity of the refrigerator ensures steady energy savings.


Smart Cube

- Smart Cube increases capacity without enlarging the dimensions, while keeping top-class energy efficiency at the same time.


Neruo Inverter

- Neuro Inverter memorizes your lifestyle and controls the cooling of each room to ensure energy saving.


Multi Air Flow

- Multi Air flow efficiently cools all food, even in hard-to-cool places such as filled door pockets.


Big Capacity

- The large and wide refrigerator compartment lets you store more food.


Slide Chilled Case

- Slide chilled case to store processed goods and dairy products altogether.


Bottom Freezer

- Easy access, Easy to use.


Bright LED Light

- Brighter and energy efficient.


Adjustable shelves and pockets

- Easy-to-use shelves and pocketspanel open.


6-Door Bottom Freezer 





Capacity (L):

743(Gross) / 576(Net)


Dimensions (mm):



Weight (kg):




Shiny/Crystal Brown, Pearl White (NEW)

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