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Product Feature:


Neuro Inverter

Neuro Inverter memorizes your lifestyle and controls the cooling of each room to ensure energy saving.


Multi Air Flow

Multi Air flow efficiently cools all food, even in hard-to-cool places such as filled door pockets.


Vegetable case with Vitamin factory

A large vegetable case keeps vegetables moist and fresh


Slide Chilled Case

Slide chilled case to store processed goods and dairy products altogether


Bright LED Light

Brighter and energy efficient


Adjustable shelves and pockets

Easy-to-use shelves and pockets


Deodorizer and Anti bacteria food liner

Removes odors and avoids bacteria


2-Door Top Freezer with Inverter





Capacity (L):

508 (Gross) / 451 (Net)


Dimensions (mm):



Weight (kg):

87 (Gross) / 79 (Net)



Brown Wave Line, Silver Wave Line, Stainless Steel

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