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Get Clean Air with Daikin.

Product Range:

Air Purifier


Large airflow type

Applicable Room Area (m²):



Product Feature:

Titanium apatite potocatalytic filter

Bacteria and viruses are thoroughly absorbed by the titanium apatite and then removed by the photocatylist.

Streamer Discharge

This function quickly decomposes odours and allergens, etc., with high speed electrons that have a powerful ability to oxidize

Streamer deodorizing catalyst

Odours and allergens, etc., are abosorbed on the catalyst and then decomposed by the power of the streamer.

Plasma dust collection

Dust and pollen are collected by charging them positively while charging the electrostatic dust collection filter negatively.

Anti-Pollen Mode

Switching between normal and low airflow to create a gentle turbulence, pollen is caught before it lands on the floor.


This catches large dust particles. Bacteria and allergens are removed by the streamer and filter.


Download BROCHURE here

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